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facial massage

Facial Massage Dundee

Approximate time-30 mins.

Please note that although session time is 30mins, that a further 15 minutes of consultation and after care service is also included at no extra charge.Eastern face massage is commonly referred to as a ‘natural face lift’, combining a fusion of Indian Head massage and Japanese face techniques.This treatment helps to work the skin and deep facial tissues, thus improving the complexion.

Eastern face massage has many benefits, both physical and mental, including lymphatic drainage, eliminating muscle tension and stimulating circulation.In so doing, this helps to release toxins from the body and aids distribution of oxygen to the tissues, helping to soften smooth lines and wrinkles.It is also deeply relaxing, soothing and helps to re-balance the energy flows, bringing a sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.

Home visit-£35

Discounts applicable to NHS staff.

To book a session today with Susan please feel free to telephone her on 07826 927 233 or for out of hours enquiries please use the form on the enquiries page.