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Pregnancy Massage
Natural stress, pain relief

Pregnancy Massage Dundee

Approximate time-1 hour

Please note that although session time is 1 hour that a further 20 minutes of consultation and after care advice is also included at no extra charge.Pregnancy massage is a natural,noninvasive therapy, specifically designed for all pregnant women who are seeking relief from the main side effects from pregnancy.This type of massage is suitable during pregnancy and for the following months after childbirth.It is usually a gentle treatment,although choices can be between a softer Swedish massage or a more deep tissue massage, depending on consultation and taking into consideration the stage of the pregnancy, and any underlying conditions which will be discussed beforehand.

.This massage is a safe option,especially for women who prefer a more holistic and natural approach during pregnancy.It is greatly beneficial in reducing aches and pains,reduction in swelling.relaxation and alleviation of stress and many other pregnancy issues that can arise.It helps to increase the 'feel good hormones',thus reducing anxiety,rejuvenating the body and energy and improving sleep patterns.In general, it can help both expectant mother and her baby.

Normal treatment involves a one hour massage,using cushions to provide optimal comfort,and support.Prices are £35 for full hour and £50 for a home visit,depending on distance.

Discounts also applicable for NHS staff

To book a session today with Susan please feel free to telephone on 07826927233 or for out of hours enquiries please use the form on the enquiries page.