Tranquilla Massage Therapy Onsite and Indian Head Massage Sports Massage and Reflexology General Enquiries

Sports Massage-Approximate time-1hour. 

Please note that although session time is 1 hour that a further 30 minutes of consultation and after care service is also included at no extra charge. 
This massage combines the use of Swedish massage with additional more intensive techniques, for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. It is very useful in improving the suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints and assisting body systems in functioning at their optimal level. This massage is performed with client lying down on massage bed.
Prices-£25-£35 for full body and £15 -25 for back,neck and shoulders or other areas.Please enquire for availability and telephone consultation.

Prices vary according to area being treated.

Discounts applicable to NHS staff.

Reflexology-Approximate time 45 minutes + consultation.

This is a therapy which uses the feet to treat the whole body. It involves manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, thus retuning and balancing the whole body. It encourages both relaxation and stimulation and at the same time maintaining and restoring health. Very useful in relieving stress and tension.
Prices-£15 to £25

To book a session today with Susan please feel free to telephone her on 07826 927 233 or for out of hours enquiries please use the form on the enquiries page.